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London Financial Media School & Global Distribution is the leading source in how to increase your customer base with monitoring sales with real time software to track every sale and every campaign. If you have a movie you should do a cell phone campaign and send a pre released 5 second movie trailer to billions of people using our ocean table and sell your movie before it goes to the movie theater. This will cause you to be nominated for many awards before the movie comes out. We have the data base for the different trends on how people watch movies or music videos on Facebook Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Netflix, Hula, Sling or our network which started in 1998. will work in the jungle of Africa where the internet signal is very low with our technology.

We are a licensed, registered, certified, and locally owned financial media company offering a continuously growing archive of helpful resources that covers all aspects of personal and corporate finance. In addition to financial education, we also provide valuable insights and comprehensive instruction on processes and technologies that allow for successful business ventures.